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Ysgol Babanod


Infant School

Y Cwch Gwenyn The Bee Hive Derbyn Mrs Crumbie




Welcome to Reception!

Y Cwch Gwenyn


Mrs Crumbie, Mrs Borge, Miss Roberts and Mrs John




               Mrs Crumbie ydw i.                                Mrs Borge ydw i.                 Mrs Roberts ydw i.

              I am Mrs Crumbie.                                  I am Mrs Borge.                 I am Miss Roberts.

               I am the Class Teacher.                         I am the class LSO.              I am the class LSO



                                                                        Mrs John ydw i.                     

                                                                       I am Mrs John

                                                                       I am the class LSO




                                    Shwmae Pawb

                         Hello Everyone      

This week our story has been The Christmas Selfie Contest and we have had lots of fun activities about Elves. 

The children have loved being elves in Santa's workshop reading Christmas lists and making toys ready for Christmas.



        The Elf Game. Find the missing numbers to see who can build the Elf first


Practising reading CVC words and matching the pictures to the words

The Elves had been hiding outside. The children had to find them and work together to order them correctly to 20
































Presentation for Reception parents