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Ysgol Babanod


Infant School

Y Cwch Gwenyn The Bee Hive Derbyn Mrs Crumbie



Welcome to Reception!

Y Cwch Gwenyn


Mrs Crumbie, Mrs Borge, Miss Roberts and Mrs Heard




Mrs Crumbie ydw i Y athrawes ydw i                                              Mrs Borge ydw i. Y dosbarth LSO ydw i.

I am Mrs Crumbie. I am the class Teacher                                       I am Mrs Borge. I am the class LSO                               





Miss Roberts ydw i. Y Dosbarth LSO ydw i.                                                Mrs Heard ydw i. Y Dosbarth LSO ydw i.

I am Miss Roberts I am the class LSO.                                                       I am Mrs Heard. I am the class LSO.                                                                 







We are excited to hear that some of you are returning for your 2 day visits.


We have all missed you so much and are really looking forward to seeing your happy, smiling faces!