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Ysgol Babanod


Infant School

Who's Who


Headteacher 1 Mrs Kathryn Foster

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs Lisa Hearn - Acting/Deputy Head Yr 1/2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs Rachel Williams - Year 1/2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 3 Miss Gillian Edbrooke - Year 1/2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Aimee Crumbie - Nursery Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs Merrial Tunnadine - Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs Lisa Ryan - ALN Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs Liz Rees - ALN Class Teacher

Support officers

Support officers 1 Miss Beth Theophilus - Reception
Support officers 2 Miss Courtney Dearman- Nursery
Support officers 3 Miss Chloe Morgan- Reception/Year 2
Support officers 4 Miss Rachel Roberts- Yellow Room
Support officers 5 Mrs Beverley Borge - Nursery
Support officers 6 Mrs Carolyn Richards- Yellow Room
Support officers 7 Mrs Emma Stevens -Yellow Room
Support officers 8 Mrs Francesca Evans - Year1/2
Support officers 9 Mrs Georgina Meaton - Year1/2
Support officers 10 Mrs Louise Bullock - Year1/2
Support officers 11 Mrs Michelle Heard - Year1/2
Support officers 12 Mrs Janice Edmunds - Speech and Language

Admin Staff

Admin Staff 1 Ms Juliet Owen - Senior Admin Officer
Admin Staff 2 Mrs Joanne Davies -Admin Officer
Admin Staff 3 Mr Lyndon Borge- Site Supervisor


Governors 1 Ian Griffiths - Chair of Governors
Governors 2 Phillip Hopkins - Vic Chair of Governors
Governors 3 Mrs Danielle Thomas
Governors 4 Mrs Lisa Jackson
Governors 5 Cllr Pam Davies