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Ysgol Babanod


Infant School


What is a Visual Impairment?


If a child is visually impaired it means they have limitations of functional use of their eyesight. Children with visual impairments may attend their local school with specialist support from the local authority service, sometimes providing 1:1 support. Schools can provide additional support by using specific resources which help the individual with their specific needs. 

What is a Hearing Impairment? 


Children who have a hearing impairment often require hearing aids, adaptations to their environment. Particular teaching strategies can be put in place to support children to follow the curriculum. Throughout the school the use of Signalong is encourgaed. Children with a hearing impairment range from those with a mild hearing loss to those who are profoundly deaf. Those with a significant loss may communicate through sign language such as British Sign Language (BSL) instead of, or as well as, speech.