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Ysgol Babanod


Infant School

Y Cwch Gwenyn The Bee Hive Derbyn Mrs Crumbie






Welcome to Reception!

Y Cwch Gwenyn


Mrs Crumbie, Miss Roberts and Mrs Farnworth



                                  Mrs Crumbie ydw i.                                                 Mrs Roberts ydw i.

                                 I am Mrs Crumbie.                                                  I am Miss Roberts.

                               I am the Class Teacher.                                              I am the class LSO




                                     Mrs Borge ydw i                                               Mrs Farnworth ydw i.

                                       I am Mrs Borge                                                  I am Mrs Farnworth.

                                     I am the class LSO       



Look what we have been  doing this week.....


The Queen's Knickers 

We made crowns for The Queen in the forest 

Knickers memory game

What would you ask the Queen? 


Practising throwing and catching



Dirwnod Seren a Sbarc




















































We are a Rights Respecting School. 

Through our daily routine and activities in Reception the children are learning that we all have rights. They are learning some of the rights through a song. Here is the link so you can listen at home too.

Presentation for Reception parents