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Ysgol Babanod


Infant School

SALT - Speech, Language and Communication

 Speech, Language and Communication

Mrs Edmunds is out Speech and Language Assistant. 


Here are some of the interventions and assessments we provide for our learners who have Speech, Language and Communication difficulties:



Many children have unidentified speech and language difficulties, that can really affect their ability, confidence and attitude to learning as they progress through their education journey. WellComm can help you to turn this around.

WellComm Early Years and the new WellComm Primary toolkits enable you to quickly and easily identify children needing speech and language support, which can make a crucial difference to their confidence and attainment. Our children access this program from the very beginning in Nursery.


Speech and Language Link -   

Language Link is an innovative online package used to identify and support children with mild to moderate SLCN and those new to English. The assessment will also identify any children who may have more severe language needs, such as Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), so that these children can be considered for further investigations and diagnostic assessment with your local Speech and Language Therapy team.


Lexia - 


Lexia begins with an overall assessment which then formulates a program specifically for individuals. The tailored program, will provide games and activities to target the difficulties that individual is struggling with. Our pupils then move through the levels of the program, they are engaged and motivated by activities that take our pupils on a journey around the world. Each level of the program represents a different area of the world and introduces new characters that are representative of each region. Within each level, students have the opportunity to decide which skills and activities they want to work on. This allows our pupils to be self-directed in their learning as they move through the program and their journey around the world.

For our children in need of extra support, Lexia provides a level of scaffolding. If our children still struggle, the program provides explicit instruction on the concepts and rules of the skill, allowing them to demonstrate proficiency and then return to the scaffolded level and standard-level activities. Personalised instruction ensures that they receive the appropriate intensity and support to acquire the skills they need to become proficient readers.

We start our Lexia journey in our Year 1 and 2 Year Groups.


Letters and Sounds


Our School Phonics Scheme is Letters and Sounds. Lots of other schools come from far and wide to see our Phonics sessions in action and liaise with our Coordinator Mrs Williams. 




Our children love to learn through songs and rhymes. In our settings we enjoy listening to the Jolly Phonic action songs and rhymes when we are learning the sounds the letters make! 


Take a look at the link below and you can join along at home.




There are mobile Apps which can be downloaded at home to continually support your child's learning. 

Speech Blubs and Speech Therapy App can be downloaded for free via you App store.