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Welsh And Play



WAP is an intervention we promote in our school for the children and their parents together to develop their Welsh.

It is a six week programme that covers basic Welsh that the children will learn at Bryntirion Infants.

Each six week programme will be based on the level of Welsh that the children are expected to learn within their year group.


The Welsh used is very basic and each session covers one topic with a fun and exciting activity for parents to do with their child which they can then take home.  In recent sessions we have covered the weather, colours,  numbers,  animals,  parts of the body and greetings. 


Parents who have attended these sessions have all agreed that they have been fun and enjoyable. 


It is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your child and remember some of the Welsh that you may have learnt while you were at school. 


The parents are always surprised at the children’s knowledge of Welsh at such a young age.  


With Welsh being such a big part of the curriculum, these sessions are very rewarding and beneficial to both children and parents.