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Ysgol Babanod


Infant School

Clubiau Ysgol School Clubs


Pel - droed


The Year 1 and Year 2 children have enjoyed learning football skills with Mr Borge on a Monday and Thursday  after school, there is a small fee of £1.00 per sessions to cover costs.  This has proven to be very popular and we have some budding football stars.



The following Club's are not running at present due to Covid restrictions


             Reading Cafe   

           Caffi Darllen


Reading Café continues to be very popular and is going from strength to strength. Thank you to all the parents who continue to support the reading café every week.  It is open to all the children in the school and all are welcome. We have some exciting visitors who come and read to the children and they often return as they enjoy coming to the school.  Why don't you join us for a  coffee/tea and listen to a story with your child? There are always exciting craft activities to do linked to the stories.



(Language and play/ Numeracy and play)


LAP and NAP are programmes for parents and children who are starting Nursery in the coming year. These sessions are run by Mrs Borge.


                WAP (Welsh and Play)      


Welsh and Play sessions will be held in the Spring term for Reception Children.  Mrs Meaton will be sending out a letter in the new term.  These sessions have been enjoyed by parents in the past and  are very informal. 

The Welsh being used is very easy and basic so all can join in. The programme is run over 6 weeks and is very similar to the LAP sessions you may have already attended with Mrs Borge.


            Stay and Play 0-3 years   


Every Monday from 2- 3 p.m. for babies and pre-school children and their parents/family/carers with Miss Calloway. Enjoy fun activities including arts and crafts, dough disco, nursery rhymes with monthly visits from the local Health visitor.  If any parents would like to see her our door is always open. A contribution of £1 for tea and coffee, fruit and milk for the children and resources is gratefully received.


                 Intergenerational Cooking   

           Coginio Rhwng Cenedlaethau


Mrs Bullock will be resuming her cookery sessions in the Spring term. This has always been very popular in the past.  If you would like to attend these sessions please speak to Mrs Bullock.


              Sports and Activity Club   

         Clwb Chwaraeon a Gweithgareddau


Sports and Activity Club runs once per week through each term, the club is accessible for Year Two children only. The club has always been a popular choice which the children enjoy very much. Whilst at the club the children are able to engage in a range of team sports and carry out fun games whilst exercising. 



       Family Learning    

                                                                                 Dysgu Teuluol


Hello smiley Family Learning is a 6 week program that you as parents can attend with your child to support their learning. It is a fun and educational way to learn how your child learns in their class. 

Mrs Evans looks forward to holding Family Learning sessions in the Autumn Term.